A Disney Work Ethic

Last week I was on vacation at Disney World with my 7-year-old granddaughter. It’s a great age for the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. There are princesses everywhere in full costume with happy faces in spite of the crowds and heat. All the Disney employees are cheerful and friendly at all times no matter what is happening and this makes everything even more magical, especially for the adults! The 3:00 parade was stunning as characters danced and twirled by the crowds for the length of the park, always smiling, in full character at all times.

Years ago, I took a Disney Leadership Course and it was well, magical. Attendees get an inside look at how Disney develops new hires into great employees and for those who are interested, great leaders. They have the “Disney Institute” and it’s a real thing. It’s why all those parading characters in full dress look like they love what they are doing no matter how hot or crowded the park is at that moment.

Disney hires based on attitude, not aptitude. Without the right attitude, all the aptitude in the world won’t change that fact. Disney believes anyone with the right attitude (outgoing, happy, positive, energetic, and willing) can learn anything that needs to be done at the parks and it’s true! Their entire hiring model is based on this philosophy.

We are hiring for the upcoming fall and holiday season and are looking for team members with the right attitude to work in a store environment. We are looking for energetic, happy, positive, dependable people to work in several of our locations and while retail experience is a plus, we will be happy to train someone with a great attitude to do what needs to be done at Finders Keepers.

Applications can be found online at www.fkconsign.com and dropped off at any location.

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