Brick and Mortar Benefits

According to a recent article in Forbes, Thred-Up currently lists up to 30,000 items a day, thanks to Netflix sensation Marie Kondo. We’ve talked about how Konmari has impacted Finders Keepers and for us, entering 1000 items into inventory daily is a big deal. I can’t fathom 30,000. That takes a lot of manpower and a lot of venture capital funds to gear up and sustain processes to slog through that level of in-coming. A good source tells me they are months behind getting through all those bags and they are continually trying to improve the back-log and time it takes to process in-coming but they are far from catching up.

We try our best to get items entered in and on the floor within 7 days. Sometimes that’s a challenge but we usually succeed.

I also can’t fathom shopping via the Thred-Up website, trying to find something in that magnitude of inventory must be like finding a needle in a haystack! Our stores are packed with spring merchandise and we constantly look for ways to get more on the floor and more shoppers in the door. I love it when new customers come in and are amazed with the inventory, quality and prices of the merchandise. Click here to hear a quick testimonial from a new shopper at Boutique this past Saturday. It makes all the hard work worth it!

Brick and mortar resellers have an advantage in terms of customer experience with shoppers who want to see, feel, and try on items before they buy them, who like the store environment and its energy, and who believe in supporting the community with their spending. We LOVE those customers and appreciate their loyalty and dedication.

While I was working out today at Tiny House Fitness, one woman was talking about a healthy dog food she found online. Another said she buys dog food from City Dog Market in Avondale Estates and they don’t carry that particular brand but she’d like to try it. Then she said she was going to ask the store to carry the brand so she could continue to buy from them, instead of buying it online.

Another person who gets it just made my day.

Click here for the entire Forbes article.

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