Can Old China Be New Again?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

A recent article in the AJC featured ways to repurpose “grandma’s china” for those who cannot overcome the guilt of tossing it. The hard truth is that nobody wants momma’s or grandma’s china…or crystal. At Finders Keepers we experience this dilemma almost daily as boxes containing these heirlooms are unpacked and repacked as we explain this phenomenon and gently turn it away.

I’m not sure if one article from the AJC can turn around this trend but it did make me think.

Old things DO cycle back around into popularity with time.

What if momma’s expensive china does end up at the local thrift store?

What if a cool girl (a.k.a. “influencer”) with limited funds purchases it and uses it for every day and when entertaining her friends?

What if cool girl’s friends copy her and search in thrift stores for their own fine china?

Then would finding fine china at a bargain become a trend?

Would these influencers Instagram their beautiful fine china table settings?

What if these posts get thousands of likes?

Would all this bring fine china back into vogue?

Think about it, repurposing something by using it as it is?

What if instead of buying cheap dishes from a mass merchandiser the younger generations choose to use the family dishes passed on from older generations because it’s better for the environment?

I’d love to see this happen.

For the AJC article, click here

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