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I’m a blinker-er. Yes, when I drive, I am diligent about using my blinker to let other drivers know I plan to turn left or right or merge into a different lane. It’s courteous and I like to think it helps avoid accidents when all cars traveling alongside each other signal their intentions. Actually, I think if you forget to signal on the driving test more than once, you fail, however I notice in my daily commute that most drivers rarely use turn signals. They pass the test and can’t be bothered with this small courtesy which happens to be a law.

I did have a bit of a test myself recently. My husband bought a new used car that has “driver assist”. I thought I used my blinker every time but this car lets you know with a vibration of the steering wheel if you wander over into another lane or try to change lanes without a turn signal. The first time it vibrated, I didn’t know what was happening when I was changing lanes with no cars around me and didn’t use a turn signal. It called me out and you bet, I didn’t do that again!

At Finders Keepers we work hard to “signal” when changes are coming like the change of the seasons for clothing and what categories of home décor we are accepting at different times of the year. We take a hard look at what sells and what doesn’t each month and make adjustments as we work to give customers a positive shopping experience at all locations.

We send out an annual survey for feedback on what needs to improve. A reoccurring comment this year was that our racks are often too packed at the clothing stores. We agree. As we changed over from summer to fall, we met and refined our guidelines on what we want to accept for fall and what we do not. Both of those lists are available at our clothing locations and here: Fashions | Boutique

We also realized we were accepting merchandise that was outdated or too classic for our target customers and tightened our policy on these items and brands, too.

We hired employees whose responsibilities include keeping racks shop-able, mark downs current and pulling unsold expired merchandise regularly.

We believe these changes will improve the store experience for our customers at the clothing locations and welcome your feedback.

At Finders Keepers Furnishings we keep a list of what we are not accepting posted at the consignment counter and update it. We accept outdoor décor until Aug 31. We begin accepting holiday décor on Monday Sept. 9. Betsy and Lee Ann are working on holiday décor guidelines now and they will be published next week. Be sure to read them as you sort through your holiday décor.

I hope these “signals” help as we travel alongside each other on the consignment highway. Thank you for your business!


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