Clearing Out?

Tidying Up using the Konmari method is a national sensation and we’ve felt the impact! On our last day accepting winter merchandise we racked up 100+ drop offs between the 2 clothing locations. Not only that, the number of items in a drop off increased

dramatically! People everywhere are ready to purge and get down to the things that “spark joy” for them, from clothing to home décor, photos and mementos. It’s a great thing for us and for customers who love to shop resale! AJC even featured us in an article about Atlanta consignment! Click here to see it.

We are now accepting spring merchandise for consignment at Finders Keepers and I’d like to offer ways to help you sort through your items as you “tidy up”. We are looking for your nearly new, gently-worn, on-trend clothing and accessories, shoes and handbags. We turn away anything pilling, too worn, outdated, stained or torn. We can’t accept anything too wrinkled or fall and winter items (until August). We can’t take shoes where the inside is dirty or flaking or the heels are run-down. We don’t take junior labels or discount brands. We don’t accept any unauthentic designer merchandise because it’s a felony to buy and sell fakes. When we come across them, we must destroy them. If you have any, just destroy and trash as thrift stores are not allowed to sell fakes, either. Many shops across the nation have been shut down or fined for selling fakes.

If you are cleaning out, I suggest the following:

1. Anything that you think meets our criteria, leave on hangers if you can. If not, neatly fold into shopping bags or white trash bags. (hangers required for Stay and Wait consignment)

2. Place shoes and handbags into separate bags so they don’t damage clothing. Wipe out the inside of shoes and purses with a wet wipe if dusty. Check the inside of purses for money and other items and to make sure the lining is flawless.

3. Check pockets of coats and jackets for money. If we find it, we credit your account for the amount if over $1. If coins, we put it in the donation jar for charity.

4. Make sure everything is fresh and clean. Presentation matters as we sort through your items.

5. Don’t bring anything you doubt we will accept, it diminishes the overall appearance of your entire drop off.

6. Separate the items that don’t meet our criteria and place into black bags and decide where you’d like to take those.

7. Put everything into your car and plan for 2 stops, the consignment store and a thrift store. Anything not accepted for consignment can go with the items in the black bags already determined to be items that don’t meet our criteria. Next, stop by the donation site and drop off those bags. Then you have handled everything! Congratulations!

Other things you need to know:

We have Stay & Wait Consignment and Drop & Run Consignment.

Stay and Wait:

1. All clothing must be on hangers and the limit is 25 items. You will get back your unaccepted items and hangers as soon as they are sorted which usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Drop and Run:

1. You may drop off up to 75 items or 2 trash bags full. They will not be sorted at that time but within a couple of days, depending on how busy the stores are with incoming merchandise. All unaccepted items are donated to charity. If more than 10% of the drop off contains obvious flaws and unsellable merchandise, a $10 handling fee will be charged to your account. This is due to time and space constraints. Therefore, we encourage you to sort at home into things that meet our criteria in one pile and things that obviously don’t in another pile.

For more information about our consignment policies, visit

We are thrilled to be part of the Konmari Method sensation and say “Bring it on!”

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