Denim Is Back!

by Bonnie Kallenberg

Denim is making a comeback and I say “Hurray!”

Some of you reading this may be thinking “it never left, what are you talking about?” but I’m telling you as a resale shop owner, it did.

Denim was replaced by leggings as the go-to bottom for 7+ years. Leggings are cheap compared to jeans, even high end brands like Lululemon could be purchased for the same price as better mall brand denim. Just when premium denim peaked, leggings entered the style scene and quickly became a wardrobe staple justified by price, comfort, and how easily they slide into boots. You could even buy “jeggings” which are leggings that look like jeans!

During this trend we sold way more leggings than jeans.

Fall fashion magazines are highlighting denim once again. Even Oprah’s magazine has a spread on denim cuts and washes from retro to modern styles. And what Oprah likes holds weight and influences trends.

So, I’m betting on denim this fall. Modern cuts, especially skinny jeans and denim that has stretch in the fabric will be in demand because they’re as close to leggings as you can get! They’re selling well for us at Finders Keepers already. We’ll be looking for those in consignments that come in along with modern boot cut styles and colored denim from pink to red. Wide leg and bell-bottoms won’t be on our racks this year nor will super low rise styles.

Also popular are denim shirts, skirts, dresses, overalls and jumpsuits in an assortment of washes. Make sure you add denim to your fall wardrobe if you want to be “on-trend”.

Another trend in denim won’t help you resell your jeans but it’s interesting nonetheless. American Eagle will customize your jeans by allowing you to select a patch color with text for the back of your jeans where the label is sewn. Check that out at I think personalizing denim is a fun way to get customers interested in jeans again and I applaud their marketing efforts.

My favorite new pair of jeans came from the Lands’ End Store at Sears (yes, you read that right) skinny cut, rose pink. I hope you’ll go to a brick and mortar store and try on jeans until you find the perfect pair for fall.


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