Don't Pay to Hoard

by Bonnie Kallenberg

There are 6 storage facilities within a mile of each other on a busy stretch of North Decatur Road. Apparently, we all have so much stuff in our lives that we have to rent a place to put more stuff. Owning a storage business appears to be a smart investment because more and more are being built and they are staying rented.

Is the problem that we have too much stuff? Well yes, and more. Stuff is an issue for many people but the bigger issue is dealing with the stuff. Sorting through, giving away, donating, selling, the whole process overwhelms so many people that they would rather pile it in a storage unit and forget about it. The monthly payment is automatically drafted from your account so it really is painless…until you realize how much money you’ve spent to keep stuff you don’t even want or need. And by the way, your kids don’t want it either!

Don’t do it! Deal with the stuff! Be relentless! Throw it away! Give it away! Sell it! Just don’t keep it! In 90% of the cases this is good advice.

I was reminded of this today when a woman with a truck full of stuff pulled up to our loading bay. She had just cleaned out her storage unit after years of paying on it. Now she just wanted to get rid of it all. Some items were damaged in storage, some weren’t worth storing in the first place, and some items were nice. We consigned some of her items but she’ll never get back the money she poured into renting a storage unit. That money is gone. She had to pay 2 guys with a truck to clean it out and haul it away and she was exhausted. Can you see the money pit that storage becomes?

At Finders Keepers we see this all the time!

The best plan is to get rid of things regularly via donation to charity, a yard sale or online sale or by setting up an account at a consignment store so you can just drop off items as you decide you don’t want or need them anymore. Once you get started, it’s a great habit and way of life. Make getting rid of stuff a part of your routine and if you do, it’s manageable, profitable and for people like me, enjoyable! I love nothing better than a good purge at my house.

If you’re looking to put your home on the market in the future, you will have to do this anyway, there’s no better season to start than now.

Need help? Google The National Association of Professional Organizers of Georgia. They have a listing of people who will help you get started and teach you how to stay in control of your stuff and their rates are very reasonable.

Need a consignment store? We’ve been in business 34 years and selling your good stuff is what we do best.


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