Electronics Recycling

by Bonnie Kallenberg

With 4 stores and a processing center and 2 home offices, I often have an assortment of non-working electronic items that can be found covered in dust under tables, in corners, in back rooms and in my garage. It’s a fact of my life. When you rely upon technology to run a business, from computers to printers, monitors to battery back-ups, it’s not only an on-going, must be in every annual budget line item to replace equipment, it’s an on-going job to responsibly dispose of the old. Somehow, this task is in the job description of “owner of Finders Keepers” and falls to me.

For many years the Dekalb Electronic Recycling Center was near the old animal shelter off Memorial Drive and that was convenient. Then it moved across Memorial Drive to the complex that houses the Tag Office and Voting Center, also convenient. The last time I loaded up my car with dead electronics and headed to the old Pikes location (yes, I’ve lived here a long time, there used to be a Pikes Nursery right where the ERC was, do you remember it, too?), it was gone and there was a sign that it moved to Ellenwood. Ellenwood, that’s certainly not convenient and I’m so disappointed.

Why did they have to move it?

Now I watch the paper for electronics recycling events and try to plan around them. Lucky for us there is one this Saturday, April 28 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The event is being held at Decatur Public Works, 2635 Talley Street, Decatur. Enter from Columbia Drive. Bring cash, certain things require a small fee. They are shredding documents, too! I believe the City of Decatur does this twice a year so don’t miss it or you’ll be driving to Ellenwood if you wish to responsibly dispose of your electronics.


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