Emory Expands to Dekalb Medical

My Mother ended up in the ER 2 weeks ago. She’s 93 and has some health issues and well, she smokes. Used to smoke, that is, until her recent stint at Dekalb Medical Center.

She’s on the mend and the crisis is averted for now.

Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time at hospitals with my parents, mostly at Emory and some at Dekalb. I had my 2 children at Dekalb, had surgeries there and we usually went there for emergencies. Used to be the “customer experience” at Dekalb was lacking, the staff was grouchy (and probably over-worked) and the care was average. Emory Hospital was a cut above, bustling with residents and medical school students, and innovative. All you had to do was walk around with a confused look on your face and everyone, from volunteers to doctors, would ask you if you needed help navigating the maze that is Emory Hospital. Emory even offers a valet service that costs about the same as parking! For these reasons and more, we often drove past Dekalb Medical to go to Emory University Hospital instead if time allowed.

On Sept 1, 2018, Dekalb officially becomes part of the Emory Healthcare System but let me tell you, changes are already in place. Mother was there for 5 days and the staff was efficient, friendly and thorough. Her staff doctor was caring and available. The nurses and therapists were top notch. Everyone smiled and spoke in the hallways. The parking lot attendants were pleasant. I could feel the difference and it was apparent that everyone was excited about the change.

It’s a new day at Dekalb Medical Center and as a lifetime resident of Dekalb County, I’m thrilled! Change is hard and whatever Emory did to manage it and make it happen, it worked! We will no longer drive past it on our way to Emory Hospital and it will be our first choice. Now if Mom will just quit smoking I may not have to hang out there again for a while but whenever our next hospital need occurs, I know where we’ll go.

For more information, you can read this recent article about the highly anticipated Emory takeover here: https://www.wabe.org/emorys-takeover-of-dekalb-medical-set-to-occur-in-september/

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