Farewell and Best Wishes

Today we say goodbye to 2 Finders Keepers team members and I’m sad for us, while happy for them!

Caroline and Cailin came to work for us in November of 2017 as part-time employees. Both Agnes Scott alums, they were working a few different jobs to make ends meet while figuring out what they wanted to do. Even though they were part-time, they always gave 100% and hustled, every day. I quickly noticed the potential for leadership in both of them and fortunately, they eventually became full time and part of our FK leadership team.

Cailin is the fastest typist in the company, according to her boss, Cassandra, and shares her love of organization, data and well, organizing data. She’s a stickler for details and doing things right the first time and created our task chart which all stores should have (and use) among many other charts and lists. I applaud her inherent ability to work through a problem and come up with a solution that works. I’ll always remember a time when she said she had to meet with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, she was very serious and direct about this meeting and honestly, I thought perhaps she was giving her notice. We sat down and she told me that she had to be away for about a month (a very busy drop off month, btw) and it was a situation beyond her control. Instead of saying she wouldn’t be working, she told me how she was going to continue to work…from another state! She had a plan that needed my approval. She had purchased a head-set and gave it to Cassandra to use at the PC so she could call-in and type. They practiced it before she left the state to make sure it worked and to iron out any issues. And it did work; problem solved, mountains of clothing checked in, never missing a beat.

Cailin knows how to work around issues and barriers and is not a quitter.

I got to know Caroline best while working at Boutique + Menswear. She’s always early and never stops moving from the time she arrives until the time she leaves. A problem-solver, too, she is a merchant at heart and enjoys the challenge of figuring out how to make a lot of incoming fit, cleverly. Never complaining about lack of something, she just works with what we have and constantly re-arranges with the FK ¾ team until they make it work. She understands the importance of shifting merchandise and replenishing stock in “hot spots” where things sell well. She happily joined the FK Social Media team and contributes excellent posts and Tradesy sales.

Caroline has agreed to work on the SM team remotely, thank goodness!

Cailin has taken a job with Traxia and they are both moving to Missouri for this opportunity. Cailin’s role is to help new users learn the software from installation to daily use and problem solving. It’s the perfect job for her and Joe Gaboury, the founder of Simpleconsign, is thrilled to have this position filled by someone with her experience in the resale industry, her work ethic and her technological qualifications. Caroline is excited to be close to the University of Missouri where she can attend graduate school for theatre, her first love.

Having owned Finders Keepers for 29 years, I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and many times I feel like a parent as I try to instill work ethic and professional behavior along with other “work virtues” to all who work on the FK teams. Some come with these traits, some catch on quickly and adopt and adapt, and countless others never care enough to learn and we part ways. It’s the nature of the working world.

Cailin and Caroline came to us with those traits, are part of our leadership team and will be greatly missed. They set a great example of contributing 100% at every endeavor and that effort paying off. Cailin would have never known of Traxia if she hadn’t taken a part-time job at our consignment stores. She wouldn’t have gotten a glowing reference from me for the job at Traxia if she had given anything less than her best for Finders Keepers.

Make sure you tell them goodbye and good luck before they head west (ok, mid-west).

Cailin and Caroline, you are 2 amazing women and I wish you much success along with some great adventures. Please stay in touch!

In honor of their parting, I announce the Agnes Scott Discount, something they have hounded me to do for quite some time. We have a history of great FK leaders with roots at Agnes Scott and to honor that, we will give 10% off total purchase at any FK location to students, faculty and alumni with proof of association with this fine institution. (fine print: some exclusions apply, may not be combined with other discounts, see stores for details)

Godspeed and safe travels to you both,


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