Farewell to Rainbow Grocery

We had a grand celebration of 35 years this past Saturday and enjoyed all the love, kind words and wishes. It was good to feel all the love and we love everyone back! Finders Keepers is honored to be a part of this resale community of shoppers and consignors who believe in consignment, re-using, re-purposing and re-wearing.

Thank you for believing in us!

Many coming in to celebrate with us were also sad because another long-time business just closed. After 41 years, Rainbow Grocery closed rather quickly and quietly. Of course, The Decatur Patch got wind of it and reported the story which alerted many of their customers. I heard the story was reported on a national level after that. It is a big deal. It’s sad. Rainbow was one of the first of its kind in the Atlanta area and outlasted many who came and went. As a small business owner, I know that’s no easy feat!

The story reported that Sprouts had impacted Rainbow greatly and 365 just opened not ¼ mile from Sprouts. The owners are retirement age, they didn’t know of a buyer and they decided it was time to call it a day. Their customers are mourning and I know because they come in Finders Keepers and share their sorrows and what they will miss the most with the hot bar being #1. Me too. I loved having a Sarah Donut and coffee in the morning and something scrumptious from the hot bar for lunch and I liked to think that the healthy lunch canceled out the donut.

They had a little party the day after ours and I was at the shop helping to put it back together after the biggest sales day in our history. The store was a wreck but it was so worth it! I strolled down to say goodbye and have a final look around, wondering all the while what might go in there, hoping it would be “the right thing” for our plaza and that’s when I saw it. A sign was posted that Nuts and Berries, a similar type of business, was planning to buy Rainbow and make it their second location. I was told it’s not a done deal but plans are underway and the sale looks promising. Check them out https://www.nutsnberries.com/.

First, they must bring everything to code and make it their own which will take about 6 months but this is great news! We are excited to have them join our community at North Decatur Plaza and have heard they’ll have a hot bar! It’s going to be ok!

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