Give Change and Create Change

I seek out locally owned and run resale shops wherever I travel partly because it’s the industry I’ve chosen and partly because I love to see the “flavor” of the region represented in the inventory. I always find cool, unusual pieces that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Honestly, small, independent, not-for-profit thrift Shops are where I have found the most awesome pieces. Many I’ve brought back and sold to customers who truly appreciated their uniqueness.

Recently while in Jackson Hole, Wyoming I visited a small thrift shop and picked up a vintage Jackie O inspired dress that someone will love. I pay in cash because credit cards fees are high and eat into the profits of little charity shops and I always put the change in the donation jar. This store didn’t have a donation jar so I asked the woman behind the counter where it was and she said they didn’t have one.

As a past president of NARTS, I couldn’t help myself as I enlightened her on the importance of having a donation jar at the counter and how they really rack up money from folks like me who would rather put coins in a jar than in my purse, especially while traveling. She lit up, “what a great idea” she said with a big smile. We agreed there were numerous jars for sale that she could use and I encouraged her to print a label for it, specifying exactly where the funds would go, and how giving helps someone in need. I hope it is in place and overflowing.

We have jars at each Finders Keepers location and we rotate the beneficiary a few times a year. Company-wide we collect at least $100 a month. With this we help support New American Pathways, Wellspring Treasures and currently our jars benefit the Wells for Hope effort to build wells in South Sudan. Several of us joined their spring fundraising “Walk for Water” with the founder Majok Marier on March 11th walking 1.5 miles to a water source and back. We were lucky, the distance was short and we weren’t toting heavy containers full of water but it was humbling to participate in the symbolic gesture to raise awareness and funds.

Recently all of Dekalb County was without water for almost a day. Restaurants couldn’t open, schools closed, havoc ensued as we fought for water jugs at the local grocery. Can you imagine if you had to walk 5 miles to a well and back, every day? Can you imagine not having running water for more than a day? (which was hard enough!!)

Please consider donating to Wells for Hope online or the next time you are in a Finders Keepers location. Water is the most basic need, let’s fill up the jars and help Majok build many wells.


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