Glamour Magazine: Empowering Women

by Bonnie Kallenberg

I love Glamour Magazine’s new look. Now it may be that I just noticed it again in the last several months but somewhere along the way, Glamour changed. The cover is no longer about how little the cover girl can wear or how to catch your man. It’s about real women, looking real, being real and true to themselves. Of course, the women are still pretty and probably only slightly air-brushed but it’s more about their accomplishments than their beauty. I love that!

The first one I noticed had Anne Hathaway on the cover in a non-revealing, sky blue blouse and I couldn’t find my copy of it to share with you (I think the manager at the Fashions location threw it away) but it’s the issue that made me buy Glamour once again. I was intrigued by their pivot and proud of them for not concentrating on sex to sell magazines.

#MeToo has changed a lot for the better. It has flushed out bad people and bad practices in powerful industries and taken down some big players who got away with it

for decades.

Finders Keepers has a #MeToo story. A prominent married man who spent a lot of money with us at our menswear location was also harassing our younger female

employees with comments that made them uncomfortable but they said nothing, letting it go as “just the way he is”. Then an older more seasoned employee heard him tell an employee who was barely 20 that “he wanted her to have his baby” and made the decision to tell me about it. We responded quickly with a letter specifically explaining that this behavior was not acceptable in any Finders Keepers location and that it must stop. The next time he was in the store the manager bravely gave him the letter and he read it, made a sign like he was locking up his mouth with a key, shopped a little and left. Maybe he was embarrassed, maybe not but it was obvious he wasn’t used to being called out on his behavior.

He hasn’t been back and he was a big spender so I imagine he’s spending elsewhere. That’s fine, I just hope he’s not harassing young women just doing their jobs in his new haunts. As a business owner, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and colleague, it’s my job to help protect those in my circle from predators and I will continue to do that, even if it means we lose a customer.

But back to Glamour and fall fashion, don’t you just love the cover with Tiffany Haddish? I love the mix of tulle, knit and leather! I love her big hoop earrings (those NEVER go out of style) and I love that’s she’s real and fearless! Now that’s a cover that makes me buy a magazine, even one I haven’t read in decades!

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