Happy 35th Anniversary!

Feb 2nd Finders Keepers celebrates 35 years in business. That’s a big deal! I am grateful and honored to be a part of this community that believes in resale, recycling and re-using, repurposing and resourcefulness. The resale industry continues to grow and thrive when so many brick and mortar stores are failing. Thank you!

Now for a little history:

Finders Keepers opened in Feb. 1984 at 114 N. Avondale Road and Reba Brown was the owner. Her sister had opened a successful consignment store a few years earlier on Main St. in Lilburn, Ga. Both sisters worked at Sears for years until Dot went out on her own and opened Back by Popular Demand and a couple years later, Reba opened Finders Keepers. They were business trend setters and fearless. Consignment was filling a space between regular retail and thrift stores giving people with items to discard an option to make some money on their cast-offs. Their challenge was to convince shoppers that resale was a great option for dressing affordably.

They held high standards for the condition and style of the merchandise they accepted, created best practices and accountability measures still used to this day by many and ran successful businesses as women entrepreneurs. They overcame the stigma of buying “used” because of their standards and prices and their stores changed the way many people shopped. Consignment became mainstream.

My degree and experience in the retail industry and motherhood is how I ended up at Finders Keepers. Long story short, I worked in retail management and buying, became a working mother working 50+ hours a week for a large national department store, quit that, had a limited clothing budget, discovered consignment and Finders Keepers, shopped there, worked there part-time, bought it in 1990. Loved it! Still love it!

1995 we built the store at 84 N. Avondale Road and sold women’s, children’s, men’s and

home décor there (yep, all in that space!)

2003 we bought a building at 2753 East College and turned an auto garage into a furniture and home décor consignment store, Finders Keepers Furnishings.

2007 we purchased Chicki-Bee designer consignment boutique and opened Finders Keepers Boutique at 2130 N. Decatur Road in the N. Decatur Plaza.

2009 we stopped handling children’s consignments referring all to Jack and Jill Children’s Resale who moved into to 88 N. Avondale in 2010.

2011 we opened Finders Keepers Menswear next to Boutique and eventually moved all menswear to that location.

2016 we moved Finders Keepers Furnishings into Twin Oaks Shopping Center where the Salvation Army was for 30+ years after they closed that location, doubling our square footage. Our friends Jack and Jill Children’s Consignment store moved into 2753 E. College because they, too needed a bigger space.

January 2019 we sold the buildings at 84 and 88 N. Avondale Road and the Lake Street property behind Finders Keepers Fashions to the Avondale Estates Downtown Development Authority so they can build a nice public parking lot on Lake Street, a construction project too expensive for us to take on. More parking and development will bring in more commerce and customers, and existing businesses in Avondale will benefit. We understand the big picture and are excited at the potential for business growth and new customers for Finders Keepers and business will continue for us as usual. We already feel the effects of The Willis at Sam’s Crossing because more people = more business to our downtown and Finders Keepers is ready!

February 2, 2019 Please stop by one or all of our locations as we celebrate 35 years! 35% off your total purchase at Finders Keepers Fashions and Finders Keepers Boutique + Menswear. Finders Keepers Furnishings will take 5% off your total purchase. This includes items already reduced at all locations. I hope you can stop by on our anniversary.

My heart is full of joy as we celebrate this milestone and look to the future. I am extremely grateful for your support and patronage!

-Bonnie Kallenberg

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