Happy Birthday Cassandra!

Today is Cassandra’s birthday! You probably don’t know who she is because she works behind the scenes at our Processing Center checking in 75% of what comes in the clothing stores. Her official title is Senior Merchandising Manager and Operations Manager. In addition to running the processing center, she makes sure we have all the supplies we need, handles computer and printer glitches, authenticates every designer bag and couture piece, buys our wholesale merchandise, makes sure all donates are handled properly and with care, and deals with our top-tier consignors who bring in lots and lots of consignments every season. And probably a dozen other duties that I’m failing to mention like pricing every piece of jewelry that we get. That’s probably her favorite thing, if I had to guess.

We get in a lot of jewelry from consignors that we buy outright, mostly, and she carefully evaluates each piece. When she has time, she loves to work on the jewelry cases and when she does, sales go up. We recently received a treasure trove of vintage jewelry and accessories probably from a grandmother’s jewelry box that she lovingly displayed on an oval vanity mirror. All those awesome pieces went to our Boutique location if you’re interested. We featured some of them on Facebook last week which you can find on our business page.

Cassandra has a master’s degree in textiles and an appreciation of high-quality vintage wardrobe pieces. One day she’d like to work evaluating and restoring costumes and clothing for a museum. I think that’s her dream, or working on wardrobes for a movie or TV set. She is very knowledgeable and talented and Finders Keepers is lucky to have her in her role on our management team. She keeps us grounded, is the most detail-oriented of us all and cares deeply about thing being done correctly and thoroughly. I’m sure there are many times we all try her patience.

Happy Birthday Cassandra! I’m grateful for everything you bring to Finders Keepers and wish for you that all your dreams unfold as they are supposed to.

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