I Love My Fantastic Team

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love our Finders Keepers community of customers and consignors who keep the resale wheel turning. People with stuff consign and people who need stuff buy. We are grateful for this on-going cycle of love!

But, without hardworking employees as the spokes of the wheel, business would cease. Finders Keepers has a wonderful team who keep the flow of merchandise turning and I’d like to take today, Valentine’s Day, to say something I love about each employee.

Ndoole is from Congo and has a kind and giving spirit who prays for my stores every day. She has a great attitude, works hard and likes to sell.

Roda is from Somalia, a full-time college student making A’s and is incredibly efficient at getting merchandise tagged, secured, hung and properly placed. She wastes no time.

Vermunya is from Sierra Leone, a full-time student and boxer. He is a loyal 8-year employee, very polite and respectful, and expertly drives the FK van delivering merchandise to the clothing stores. He is honest and trustworthy.

Moma is from Liberia, a full-time student and long-time employee with a great smile. He works at all locations, is a team player and everyone loves to work with him.

Fabricio is a new employee from Guatamala with experience in resale, a knack for keeping the store arranged and a heart to help people. He’s always happy and fun to work alongside.

Teri is our Sunday lead at Finders Keepers Furnishings who rarely misses a Sunday, need I say more? I will, she’s a great salesperson with great patience.

Linda is our floor manager at FK Furnishings, a long-time employee who works tirelessly moving and arranging furniture until it’s right. She’s extremely dependable unless it’s football season…and even then, she gives me fair warning of the Falcon’s schedule.

Cruise is rarely rattled and sees the good in every day, even those that are hard. He never tires of hearing his named called to do something and we love to hear him laugh.

Cassandra is a long-time employee who knows brands from everyday to couture and how to price it all correctly, can authenticate designer handbags and spot everything in a store that needs addressing within moments of walking in. She cares, a lot.

Patsy has been with Finders Keepers for 22 years. She handles all of our jewelry from tagging to displaying and is loyal and kind. I think she’s afraid the store will fall apart if she retires and I’m happy she’s still a part of the team.

Cailin is our problem solver and procedural guru. She is our best typist and keeps us all on the same page (well she tries anyway). She is calm and methodical and honest.

Imane is a great typist and organizer and keeps Betsy straight at the consignment desk, making things run smoothly and efficiently even when it’s chaotic.

Betsy runs Finders Keepers Furnishings with a great team. She’s the heartbeat of that store and everyone loves her. She can make a pile of odds and ends look like a masterful display in a jiffy and has quite a following on Facebook Live Betsy’s Bargains.

Jamilla runs Finders Keepers Fashions with flair and a personal touch. Always friendly, she knows many regulars by name and their shopping patterns and preferences. She notices when someone hasn’t been in for a while and reaches out when possible. Customer service is her passion.

Kita is an assistant manager and a great salesperson who loves sharing a bargain. She is friendly and funny and not afraid to tackle any project.

Amanda is a student who loves fashion and design. She’s always upbeat, helpful and stylishly dressed for work.

Allie fixes our computers, printers and internet, and is dependable and trustworthy. She is fearless and willing to do any job necessary to help out.

Lakiysha is very capable and willing to learn new skills. She loves her job at FK and works hard in spite of limitations she cannot control.

Antoinette puts out clothing and helps customers at the fitting rooms all day without slowing down. Hard to believe she’s a grandmother with all that energy!

Donna works for FK after her full-time job and never slows down. She has good ideas, a strong work ethic and customers love her helpfulness.

Sydnie is a full-time student who works well both independently and with the team at any location. She’s working on a degree in marketing from GSU just as I did 37 years ago. It’s fun to hear what she’s learning and what’s new in the marketing industry.

Sydney is our youngest employee who works every Sunday at our Fashions location. She grew up at Finders Keepers, in fact her baby shower was held in store 16 years ago! She’s always wanted to work at Finders Keepers and we’re glad to have her as part of the team.

Monique has a lot of retail experience and runs Boutique + Menswear with professionalism and grace. Always calm, this mother of young children does a good job balancing it all with a great team to help her do it.

Priscilla is a long-time employee who has risen through the ranks and understands how we run the business. As an assistant manager and social media coordinator, she wears many hats and I can count on her to get it all done.

Caroline is a natural merchant and merchandiser. She is detail-oriented, and maneuvers the floor with ease and proficiency. She understands why we move things around continually, notices change immediately, and adapts.

Sharon is a strong utility player who is the employee everyone wants on their schedule. She never stops working and is a favorite of many customers. Did I mention she loves clothes and shoes?

Simeon is fairly new and a student. He persistently applied until he got an interview and a job. He loves the menswear store and takes great care of it and our customers.

Vence is artistic, creative and a solid employee who can handle anything. He does a remarkable job photographing furniture and loading photos onto our website. He also smartly married one of our favorite FK employees.

Nasrin is a full-time student who knows luxury items and their customers. A fashionista herself, she knows quality and what will sell, and works every weekend.

China works well with others at any location. She’s always willing to learn something new and help out.

Parke is my husband who works tirelessly behind the scenes doing some of the work I don’t want to do including taxes and the FK 401K. He has his own career but he’s always willing to help and can be seen unloading trucks at the furniture store, driving the FK van when Vermunya is unavailable, and installing brackets, shelves, printers and monitors when needed.

So that’s the FK team plus me. I am grateful for them every day and I hope you understand how integral they are to making Finders Keepers run smoothly. If you are inclined, let them know you appreciate the work they do, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to every spoke of the Finders Keepers Wheel!


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