Hiring: Must Have Hustle

Definition of Hustle: "How you work. The fuel that pushes you to do the things other people don’t so you’ll enjoy the results other people won’t." -Jon Acuff from “Do Over”

I have favorite books, usually not novels though I do love anything written by Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies and countless others). The books I keep, buy as gifts and recommend are mostly business books probably because I’ve been in business a long time and my college degree is in Business Administration. So, it’s fitting that I pass by the best-selling novels and head to the newly published business books whenever I’m in the book store.

I picked up Jon Acuff’s book a few years ago in the airport and read the entire book in flight. Then I bought every copy they had. It’s the best career advice book I’ve read and I give it to anyone I’m mentoring.

Back to “hustle”. All small business owners and managers long for employees with hustle, those with the drive to get things done with a great attitude. I promise, if you show up to work everyday with a positive attitude and work hard with the team, you will get ahead, in my business and just about in any other small business. It’s really easy.

But I wonder why so many people don’t get it. The results of hustle are advancement and more money, leadership positions and opportunities. Why would anyone not hustle? I think that goes back to attitude.

Good attitude + Good hustle = Good career

Fall is our busiest season at Finders Keepers and we are now hiring for full time and part time positions. I am looking for positive people with hustle. If you read Acuff’s book and put it into action, I’m really interested in you. Applications can be found at www.fkconsign.com; fill out and drop off at any Finders Keepers location. If you read the book, be sure to include a take-away from it on your application (you’ll get extra points). Oh, and bring references, too.

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