In Loving Memory

My husband and I recently went to Top Golf Midtown. It’s been years since I’ve played or even held a golf club. Top Golf is a multi-level driving range like none other complete with food service and a bar, a wait staff and games that really dial up the driving range experience! I’m hooked and can’t wait to go back!

As I stated, it’s been years since I’ve held a golf club but the minute I teed up the ball and held the club, I heard my Dad’s voice, telling me what to do and not do, how to hold the club, keep my head down, and how to use my shoulders and hips when swinging the club. It all came rushing back like he was there encouraging me as I picked up a golf club once again.

He had 4 kids and hoped one of us would become a great golfer because he was a great golfer, only he took it up a bit late to really do something with it other than win bets with his golf buddies at East Lake Country Club. He loved taking their money. I played a little as a young adult and my older sister is a pretty good golfer but none of us went to college on a golf scholarship and that’s too bad because he would have loved that!

Dad was a successful entrepreneur and not because he had the right idea at the right moment. He worked really hard to build a successful business and it’s the reason he didn’t start playing golf earlier in his life. As in golf, he kept his head down building a business, traveling extensively to sell his product then coming home to produce and ship the order, then heading back on the road again. I remember going to his warehouse on Mountain Industrial in Stone Mountain and it was hot and far from glamorous but it was his and he was good at it. After years of hard work, he could take up golf, afford to take off Wednesday afternoons to play and afford to join the country club. This was after serving in WWII, working 3 jobs concurrently and starting a business in his garage.

He set the bar high and had a work ethic rarely seen in today’s generation.

Dad loaned me money back in 1990 to buy Finders Keepers from the original owner, Reba Brown. He was thrilled to have an entrepreneur in the family and gave me excellent advice for many years. Whenever I feel challenged, I ask myself, “what would Dad say?” and the answer usually comes to me, like he’s still here with me. Dad passed away 2 years ago this month and I miss him.

The good thing is that I paid attention to his advice on business…and golf and can hear his words of wisdom if I just pause, if I just tee up and listen. He’s always with me and for that, I am grateful.

This one’s for you, Dad.

In loving memory of Casey Jones 10/20/24 – 5/13/17


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