If It Doesn't "Spark Joy"...

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

After working a 10-hour day I went home, had supper and spent the next 2 hours in my closet figuring out what “sparked joy” and what did not…spark joy. I filled 2 white trash bags with items for donations for Ms. Eula (she feeds the homeless and gives clothing to those in need) and I made piles for consignment now and for spring. Yes, it’s been a busy fall and winter season and I was a bit behind on this and well, it’s our last call for winter consignments and I didn’t want to miss this final opportunity to move unwanted items out of my closet back into the universe for someone to find, love and enjoy.

The final day for accepting winter consignments at Finders Keepers Fashions and Finders Keepers Boutique + Menswear is Saturday Jan. 26th.

Consignments must be in by 6:00 p.m.

No consignments will be accepted Jan 27 – Feb 3 at the clothing locations. Spring consignments begin Feb. 4. Finders Keepers Furnishings will be accepting consignments.

Getting rid of stuff is a popular topic for several reasons. Marie Kondo, who authored “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” now stars in a Netflix series and those who didn’t gobble up the book are now binge watching her show and discovering what the

fuss is all about. “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” by Margareta Magnusson has created a buzz as she encourages the reader to take care of stuff now, so the kids and grandkids don’t have to when you are incapacitated or pass away. The logic is two-fold. One, deal with stuff while you can decide where it goes, who gets it and have some control over the process and two, it’s not nice to leave your family and friends with a mess to deal with. Both books are a great read and inspiring. The show is compelling and you can find it if you click here.

And finally, January is National Get-Organized Month so professional organizers everywhere are speaking, blogging and writing about the virtues of getting your house in order. Finders Keepers Furnishings hosts a GO Month workshop every Saturday morning @ 9:30 a.m. and this week’s topic is Downsizing Seniors which fits right in with Ms. Magnusson’s book. I was interviewed by Kiplinger magazine last year on this topic and specifically that the kids and the grandkids do not want our hand-me-downs, heirlooms, collectibles (especially not these), china, crystal and I could go on and on. If they do want something, they want one memento and not the entire china cabinet or curio cabinet. You can read the article here.

Click here for more information about our GO Month workshops and speakers.

It’s our job to put things back into the universe for someone to discover, love and enjoy and the time is now. Only surround yourself with things that spark joy or serve you in this season of your life. Let the rest go to someone else and don’t saddle your kids, friends, family with all of it. You do it. It’s a healthy process and you’ll feel better knowing you aren’t burdening others with this job.

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