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Flea Market Style is one of my favorite magazines and I can usually only find it at Home Depot or Lowes. We were in Lowes this past weekend because my husband is making a shiplap accent wall (so excited!) and I picked up the most recent copy. Listed in this edition were flea market on-trend items I’ll share:

1. Copper cookware for use or display in a kitchen as it warms up a room while adding an authentic past-era feel. We receive copper items regularly and they sell quickly.

2. Oil paintings with old pastorals and portraits being the most popular. Collectors like the one-of-a-kind quality oil paintings have as opposed to the mass produced “art”

Oil paintings are gaining popularity in home decorating.

available at home stores and discount websites. According to the magazine, this look goes hand in hand with a clean farmhouse style. We often have oil paintings in inventory and they don’t last long.

3. Silver-plate pieces, yes, I had to look twice at that to make sure it didn’t say “sterling silver” but it did indeed say silver-plate. For years and years, we couldn’t give away non-sterling serving pieces so I’m interested to see if this trend affects Finders Keepers Furnishings. Silver-plating started in 1847 when electroplating (the process where a thin layer of sterling is coated over a less expensive metal) was first invented. Because sterling is expensive and vintage tableware is gaining popularity, silver plate is becoming cheaply fashionable. I know we have a few pieces in the store so check it out!

4. Mid-century Modern is wildly popular as long as it’s in great shape. “Form follows function” is the motto of this era and millennials gobble these items up from lamps to sofas, linens to tables. We can’t get enough of it.

These were the 4 trends they listed that best reflect our inventory at the Furnishings location. Now I’m adding my list of trends for 2019 in home décor:

1. Painted furniture is very popular and sells quickly. We purchase ugly but sturdy wood furniture for cash and send it out to be painted with Farmhouse paint, the chalk-style paint we sell in our store. Once painted these pieces sell quickly. If you have ugly pieces, bring them to us and we’ll pay cash, or pick up paint and spruce them up yourself. The colors they offer are on-trend and it’s easy to use.

2. Emerald green and navy blue have made a big comeback, especially in upholstered pieces. Tufted velvets are quite popular, too.

3. Farm tables with mis-matched dining chairs and benches continue to sell well as rustic style furniture remains popular.

4. Old authentic Persian wool rugs, braided rugs and high-quality wool rugs out-last and out-class the cheaply made machine rugs found on home websites and discount home stores. Heirloom quality rugs are sought after.

5. Frames are back! Gone are the days of the digital frame or having no framed photos of loved ones because you didn’t make prints of the photos on your phone! With the ease of Shutterfly and multiple other photo organizing and printing sites, it’s easy to once again order prints to frame. We went for years with minimal personal photos in homes and offices and now we’re ready to bring them back into our daily viewing. The only time to pack them up is when you are staging your house to sell. Until then, order prints of those you love, frame and display them.

6. Anything current from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Room and Board is sought after by our customers.

7. Outdoor décor, yard art and patio and porch furniture are in-demand.

What’s not selling right now?

1. Crystal and glassware are only good September through mid-December.

2. Glass top tables unless a very recent design from Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware or Room and Board.

3. Dishes unless garden-, pool- or patio-friendly. Fine china does not sell, which is sad but our reality.

So, there you have our trends for 2019. We hope you will bring us the furniture and home décor you no longer love or need. For pre-approval of furniture please send photos to Consignments accepted Mon-Sat from 10-5 p.m.

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