In Support of Torture Victims

The AJC ran an article last week that shed light on an issue near and dear to my heart. Gracie Bonds Staples’ article “Torture Victims Walk Among Us” was not an easy read but a story that must be told concerning the refugees we have welcomed into our country. Many have horrific back-stories that drove them to find refuge out of their own beloved countries into any country that would accept them.

Imagine leaving your home country because of war, persecution, famine, and way worse and arriving in a totally unfamiliar place where you probably don’t know the language or cultural norms. Imagine you have very little money and resources but you do have an agency or a church who has agreed to sponsor and help you navigate your new situation. All you want is enough food to eat, shelter and safety but you long for your homeland. And forever in your mind is the torture you experienced personally or witnessed with horror that causes nightmares and great anxiety every single day.

We have several employees at Finders Keepers who came to the US as refugees and are dependable, hard-working, honest people. I know many of their stories and they are heart-wrenching. They come from different places, Sierra Leone, Congo, Liberia and Somalia. My life is richer for knowing and working alongside them. I long for them to succeed here and thrive, not merely survive.

So, when I read Ms. Staples’ article I was deeply moved and encouraged to know there is a Center for Victims of Torture in the Clarkston area “where men, women and children come seeking peace from life’s nightmares” and get the help they desperately need.

Now through the end of the year, all Finders Keepers locations will have a collection jar at our registers for the Center for Victims of Torture and Finders Keepers will match whatever is collected and make a combined donation.

Please consider giving generously to this cause as we approach the holidays where we celebrate abundance, freedom and blessings in our beloved country.

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