Labor Day At The Lake

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Labor Day at the Lake is an annual FK tradition that Parke and I love hosting. It’s a great time to get together and get to know co-workers in a different environment while enjoying all the lake has to offer. Barriers are broken and many fears are conquered, this year especially with the mayflies that swarmed in Sunday and Monday mornings. This group didn’t let anything get in the way of fun…or competition!

Our FK Survivor Challenge this year featured the Notorious Blu VS. Cereal Killers.

Notorious Blu included Pamela, Nasrin, Allie, Monique, Carlito, Moody and Cruise and was led by Kita. Cereal Killers was led by Priscilla and included Betsy, Sydney, Moma, Amanda, Shawn, Carla, Foday, and Vermunya. They competed in bocce ball, ping pong, diving competitions, sand art and of course, the survivor course.

A big shout out to Cruise as he went from avoiding the water to volunteering to participate in the diving off the dock challenge! He didn’t win but he won most original dive! Moma and Carlito excelled with graceful spins and flips. Vermunya’s dives won first place.

Bocce games were close and competitive. Carla, Sydney, Moody and Monique proved to be strong players with crucial throws at the right times. Ping pong with the mayflies was a challenge and Amanda and Shawn proved to be a fierce team. Kita guided her team through the ropes course, finishing a close second.

Survivor challenge was a great opportunity to identify individual strengths for the good of the team. A veteran of paddleboard challenge, Nasrin recovered from a fall and helped gather the ping pong balls that were floating away. Foday proved to be a great bucket runner and Betsy, Pamela, Priscilla and Allie aced the 2 puzzle challenges.

The Cereal Killers won and a good time was had by all. If trash talking was a sport, Notorious Blu would have won! Everyone is a winner for being there and participating and I have a little prize for both teams. Thank you for coming to Labor Day at the Lake.

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