Let Go or Be Dragged

“Let Go or Be Dragged” is an American Proverb according to magnets we sell at Finders Keepers Furnishings and I agree with the sentiment! I’ve been in this business 30+ years I’ve seen lots of folks dragged down by their stuff. They buy stuff to hold their stuff and rent storage units to store all the stuff they have stuffed into bins, boxes and containers. Then they buy more stuff because they can’t find the stuff they are looking for, because it’s in the bins in the storage place and just too much trouble to find.

After years of this, nobody wants to deal with all the stuff in storage and most of it is ruined anyway and must be taken to the landfill. What a shame! If we dealt with our stuff regularly by donating, selling or consigning, someone else could benefit from the items we no longer want or need. But when we don’t, no one benefits and the landfill grows.

What if we let go of items on a regular basis? Would we miss those items we gave away, sold or consigned? Probably not! Would our kids be upset because they want our stuff? I doubt it because most young adults these days want to choose their own home goods and clothing and older adults already have everything they need.

One exception to this is jewelry. Your kids, friends and relatives want a piece of your jewelry from vintage to costume to fine jewelry. Jewelry is a wonderful keepsake that’s easy to store and use. Bestow your jewelry on those you love while you are able to enjoy the gifting. Or, make a list of all your pieces and who should get them when you are gone. Before my Aunt Jean passed away, she went through her jewelry box and gave pieces away to friends and family. I have a beautiful cameo that I cherish because she selected it out of her jewelry specifically for me before she passed away.

When my parents finally downsized their home of 50 years, my siblings and I didn’t want any of it because our houses were already full and we were looking to downsize in the future ourselves. The grandchildren took a few things but we gave most of it away. I have friends who couldn’t bear to do this and brought all the stuff from their parents’ homes into their homes and packed their attics, basements and garages with all of it. Yes, now they have a big problem and the items are getting ruined sitting unused. On several occasions it all ended up in dumpsters anyway. Parents’ basements to adult children’s basements and storage units to dumpsters. This is a pathway I have seen over and over again!

Do you get my point here? It’s best to deal with things as they come along in your life don’t put it off. It will only get overwhelming and harder to do. Take a look at what you have often and let go of the things regularly that don’t suit you anymore. If you have to downsize a relative, deal with it right away and give, sell and consign the things the family does not want.

Don’t let stuff drag you down, it’s just stuff and your life will be better with less stuff! Finders Keepers is here to help you sell your stuff and Professional Organizers from NAPO-GA are here to help you if you‘re overwhelmed and can’t get started. I’ll warn you, once you start, it’s addictive and freeing and very satisfying.

We hope you have a storage-free year of letting go in 2019 and we’re here to help! Don’t miss our Get Organized workshops every Saturday in January. Click here for details.

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