Let's Choose "Nice"

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Last week I traveled to Ireland, a land of green fields, friendly people, old cathedrals and castles, rich history and no shortage of pubs! Travel is broadening and it’s easy to soak in an education just by immersing oneself, which I did.

I noticed no matter where I was, whether a store, a pub, a hotel or just asking someone for directions on the street, the Irish were truly glad to help and no question was annoying. The sales clerks were just as friendly with a 5 Euro souvenir purchase as they were a 150 Euro Aran-Island sweater sale. They were happy to ring up and make conversation with all who entered. This was everywhere I went for 9 days, no exception. What a pleasure! One Irish woman said “it’s just as easy to be nice as it is to be nasty” and it’s obvious they choose nice.

Then I had a lay-over at JFK. The gate agent was obviously not Irish, found all questions annoying and really was not interested in helping, even though our group of 4 had spent about $3000 for our round-trip flights to Ireland. Yep, back home.

Before leaving Ireland it’s good to try and spend down all of your Euro’s so you don’t have to pay Currency Exchange fees (again). And, they don’t buy back coins so you really want to unload those. We tried our best but ended up with coins anyway and I said to my group, “wouldn’t it be a grand idea to have a giant container in the International Concourse to collect all the Euro coins for charity?”

Lo and behold, got to the International terminal at the Dublin Airport and that’s just what they had!

Didn’t see one at JFK…or ATL…

I think we should do that, and choose nice. Wouldn’t that be grand?

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