Looking Back on 7 Great Years

Saying goodbye to a great employee is hard, even when I’m given 2 years notice to prepare. Thelsea Scott Raymonvil, a 7-year veteran of Finders Keepers worked her last day with us on August 4. She is close to finishing up a Master’s Program in Psychology and needs time for school and an internship. Ever the planner, she told me 2 years ago and here we are!

Thelsea started with us as a part-time employee at our Fashions location while attending Agnes Scott University. After she graduated, she decided to work full time for a year or 2 before starting a graduate program. She quickly rose to assistant manager of Boutique + Menswear and 2 years ago became the store manager. She also managed our social media team, rebuilt our website and fearlessly tackled Facebook LIVE.

She is a dependable, hard-working person who has a great “can-do!” attitude. Customers love her cheerful personality and warm smile. I tease her by saying she’s so loyal to Finders Keepers that she fell in love with and married a co-worker last year. Of course, I saw the sparks before anyone else and thought it a perfect match and turns out it is!

It’s wonderful to watch someone grow in their professional lives, to feel that I contributed somehow as a mentor in my role as employer. It’s what we do when we have students who come to work for us, we train them in our business practices but also in the ways of the working world, preparing them for life after school. I can be tough and demanding but I always try to be fair and understanding. Our Core Values at Finders Keepers are:

1. Be Honest

2. Be Helpful

3. Be Generous

4. Be Respectful

5. Be On-time

I believe anyone who follows these values will be a great employee and succeed.

We held a company gathering to celebrate all Thelsea’s blessings, home-ownership, marriage, graduate school and her long tenure with Finders Keepers. Looking around during the evening, I was grateful for this wonderful staff that makes up the Finders Keepers Family, including our new Boutique + Menswear Manager, Monique Abreu, who worked with Thelsea since May in preparation. I know she’s ready to take the reins.

Best Wishes and Blessings to you, Thelsea Raymonvil! I can’t wait to see what’s in your future but I know you’ll go far!


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