Oh, the Magic of a Blazer...

Groundhog day. Will winter continue? Well it’s the south so it probably will because we rarely get much winter weather until February. That’s why we take fall and winter consignments well into January, much longer than most consignment shops in town.

In fact, the last blast of winter merchandise just hit the stores on Wednesday and there was awesome stuff from sweaters to boots to jackets and blazers.

Let’s talk about blazers for a minute. Having a couple of go-to blazers in your wardrobe is essential for women and men. When I’m working in a store, I love to see the transformation with the addition of a blazer. It happened twice this past Wednesday at the menswear store.

A young 20 something male slipped on a plaid wool blazer with a retro feel and suddenly looked dashing and modern. It was a bold move for his age but you could tell he had a great deal of fashion confidence even though his peers are probably wearing jeans and t shirts. The second man was probably late 30’s and needed a blazer for a skeet-shooting adventure in Wisconsin this month. He donned a brown tweed blazer and suddenly transformed into an outdoorsman.

I wish I had asked both guys if I could take their photo for this post. Next time I will!

Wearing a blazer makes a statement, ups your game and you can’t have too many (as long as they fit). I’ve shared about the wardrobe challenge I am participating in this month and the “wardrobe capsule” requires 2 blazers. Yesterday the outfit called for a blazer so I wore it, all day. I looked a bit more put together than usual, just with the addition of a blazer and customers responded positively to me all day.

Isn’t that interesting?


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