On Children's Consignment

by Bonnie Kallenberg

My grandson turns 2 today! He is all boy and loves trains and trucks and his momma! Because they don’t live in town, I often shop Amazon for gifts so I can send them directly there, usually for free, since I have Amazon Prime. It is frightfully easy and convenient.

However, whenever possible I prefer to shop at brick and mortar resale store and buy from a sole proprietor. My favorite kids’ resale shop is Jack and Jill Consignment Shop. Last summer, for example, I purchased about 10 pieces of high quality Hanna Andersson clothing for my granddaughter from there because I can feel the fabric, examine the quality, and easily determine if the size is accurate. I can get 10 pieces for less than half the price of the “online on sale” prices. And I’ve shopped local, supported small business and my community. It’s a family business and supports 2 sisters and their mother who helps out many days.

Jack and Jill recently celebrated their 19th anniversary! A small business staying open for more than 5 years is quite an accomplishment and it means they do a lot of things right. They have a big store full of kid’s clothing, shoes, toys and equipment. I always shop there first for clothing for my 3 grandchildren. It makes no sense to pay retail if I can find it there because kids grow so fast!

In a recent conversation, I learned that a friend’s son worked for Amazon in a fairly big position. He stayed a couple of years and left because at Amazon, it’s all about making money and not so much about employees and work/life balance. There are none of the perks found at Google or Facebook. I was a bit surprised…and disappointed.

Will I continue to order from Amazon in spite of their rising Prime Membership fees, focus on money, and their efforts to take over every aspect of shopping? Probably, but only when necessary. Will I order from all the kids’ clothing companies that send regular emails with “big discounts”? Once in a while.

Will I make sure I stop in Jack and Jill and other small businesses first? You bet! I need them to stay in business and thrive. They need you, too!

So Happy 19th Anniversary Jack and Jill Consignment Shop!

Happy 2nd birthday little guy! I hope your box arrives on time, I carefully selected, purchased, wrapped and mailed your gift myself this time!


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