On Wardrobe Capsules

by Bonnie Kallenberg

I recently joined an online group with friends that provides you with a “wardrobe capsule” for the winter. You first shop your closet for these items and then fill in the blanks by shopping. I heard about it when one member of the group told me she found almost everything she needed to complete her capsule by shopping at my stores.

Each month you receive 30 days of outfits using the pieces from the capsule, all very easy to have or acquire including items such as a neutral blazer, black boots, dark denim skinny jeans, a white top, neutral sweater, various scarves, etc. so it’s not hard, or expensive. Many of those items are currently on the racks at both clothing stores so I am very intrigued by this concept.

So, I started the process Monday (a little late, yes but that was my first opportunity). I went to my closet and started looking for capsule pieces and I had quite a bit of what I needed already. In looking for certain items, I had to touch and consider a lot of what was in my closet and decide if I still liked everything in there. I ended up with a pile of items that no longer suit me for whatever reason and removed those. Then I moved all the capsule items into a section of their own for quick access. I even got out the ironing board and pressed capsule pieces so they are ready to go. Each morning I look at the email that tells me what to wear and piece the outfit together.

Just moving the items around brought new life to my closet. Getting rid of items I reject on a regular basis created more space. Putting the capsule items together in a section helped me visualize entirely different looks with the same pieces I already own. Suddenly old clothing was fresh again.

I own a consignment business so I really do purge my closet on a regular basis however, this process of coming up with capsule items for winter that someone else recommends has made getting dressed for each day easier. It has given me a list of things I need to complete the outfits and I found 4 of them yesterday while working at one of my stores, a navy blazer, a solid color sweater and 2 scarves. Just think, people purged these 4 items from their closets and they are now new to me.

That’s how consignment works and why it’s a great option for building your best working wardrobe “capsule” on a budget so you can look great and still have money to do other things. I’ll bring in the best of the things I no longer want and someone will buy them to build their own wardrobe capsule and so on. In Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, she tells us to hold each item and decide if it brings you joy. I add that if it doesn’t bring you joy, put it back out in the universe so someone else can find and love it.

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