Our "Turn Signal" to You

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

On the driving test, signaling is not optional and there's a reason!

I’m a turn signal user, always. I want drivers around me to know what I’m about to do. It’s both a courtesy and a safety habit for me. On the other hand, nothing annoys me more than a vehicle at a red light with no signal blinking who then wants to turn left when the light changes. If they had used their turn signal, I would have known to change lanes but instead get stuck behind them as they wait to turn causing everyone in the lane to miss the light.

Traffic in this town is a hot button for me. Poor driving habits is another. Like the people who text at the light and cause many to miss the left turn arrow because they aren’t paying attention to the light as they converse via text. I truly believe if we all focused on the job of driving, traffic would improve, more cars would make the green lights, there would be

fewer wrecks and maybe road rage would decrease.

It could happen.

We are about to make a turn at Finders Keepers Fashions that you may have read about. I want to “turn the blinker on” and let you know our direction and our plans.

The Downtown Development Authority of Avondale Estates has been searching for property suitable for a public parking lot as they move forward to develop a lovely green space in the central business district along with other projects. Avondale Estates wants to offer free public parking as our downtown develops and grows.

Here’s where we come in to the plan. There is underutilized land behind both buildings at 84 and 88 N. Avondale Road which we own. I once looked into grading and paving the land myself to create a nice parking lot but the cost was prohibitive! The city agrees our land is suitable for a parking lot and they have the means to make it happen. However, before investing a lot of money into the project the DDA felt they should own the property, which makes sense, so we began talking about it months ago.

Now all parties involved are in agreement and the plan for the DDA to purchase the property at 84 and 88 N. Avondale is moving forward but not done. As with any real estate transaction everything must line up perfectly for the sale to be completed. If the sale does go through, the DDA of Avondale Estates will own the land and buildings at 84 and 88 N. Avondale Road but that is the extent of what changes. Finders Keepers Fashions will continue with business as usual with the exception that we will have a nice parking lot behind us in the future. Edwin Jarvis will continue normal operations with a better parking situation as well.

I am looking forward to more development in the central business district of Avondale Estates as we have been a mainstay there for almost 35 years. I think business will benefit from all that is coming in the way of new buildings, new businesses, a green space and a public parking lot that is paved and lit and free! For years we have felt the negative impact of fewer businesses around us and know that new business means more business for all of us in the area. And that’s why our blinker is on!

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