Pale Pink is Trending For Spring

by Bonnie Kallenberg

Pale pink, it was everywhere. Shoes, handbags, long gowns, tops, dresses. Violet is the pantone color of the season with pale pink as a close second and actually, judging by the space and attention pink was getting, I believe it’s the color of the season.

Yesterday was my birthday so my husband and I took a rare day off together and ended up at the mall. I rarely shop at the mall but I enjoy going to research and study incoming fashion trends, what the major retailers think is important, window displays, pricing and Anthropologie which in my opinion is the gold standard. From displays to clothing to home décor and customer service, they do a lot right. It’s fun to shop there and by the way, they believe florals and color are very important this season. Needless to say, we love Anthropologie brands at our Finders Keepers because they fly off the racks.

Deep discounts are also happening at the mall as retailers clear out the last of winter merchandise and I picked up a couple of great bargains: Cole Haan Animal Print booties for $50 and a pair of pale pink sandals for $15. I love a clearance rack and don’t mind holding on to the booties until fall for their debut. Now is the time to get some great winter pieces at great prices at all clothing stores, retail or resale.

We’ve started our clearance, winter is 25-50% off. By next Tuesday it will be 50-75% off. (Spoiler alert: Boutique has already reduced their dresses again with many up to 75% off). Shop now for next year, shop now for those cold days that pop up again in March and early April. Shop now for party dresses that you may not need now, but to have in your wardrobe when you need it. It’s awesome to start a new season with something new, and even better when you paid very little for it.


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