Peachtree Road Race: A Move to Improve

The Peachtree Road Race is known as the largest 10K in the world and that’s quite a triumph for our city! For the 18th time, I showed up along with 60,000 of my closest friends and jogged down Peachtree Street in the early hours of July 4th. I love this race from start to finish: The huge American flag billowing in the humid Atlanta breeze, the singing of the National Anthem, the booming fly over, the crowds, the volunteers, the police, medics, FBI and everyone keeping us safe, the rolling (and steep hills) along the way, the patients and caregivers lined up outside of Shepherd’s Spinal Center, and even the long up then downhill finish into Piedmont Park. This year those of us in corral G got to the Jumbotron in time to see the first and second place women, who fought back and forth for the lead, cross the finish! That finish inspired as we approached the START Line and I love that they added the screens so we could watch the race while we waited our turn to start.

What you may not know (but I do because my dear friend is on the Atlanta Track Club Board) is that this race is carefully examined and refined year after year to make it better and keep it relevant. This year the start time was moved up 30 minutes to help with the heat and nobody complained one bit! Some changes are not as noticeable but they make a difference. As an Atlanta Track Club Member, I respect that everything they change is to improve the overall experience and safety of the race. They worry about all the details big and small so that I can just show up, follow the signs to my corral and enjoy my race.

At Finders Keepers we continue to evolve by making changes, some big like the Jumbotron and some small, like the race start time, so we can improve the experience for both our customers and consignors. Know that the FK Management team evaluates each month with a debrief of what worked and what didn’t, what sold and what didn’t, what needs to change and how we can improve so that you can hopefully just show up and enjoy being there.

Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the Peachtree Road Race and I’m excited already to be a part of their success. Next year is also the 35th Anniversary of Finders Keepers and I hope you are excited to be a part of our success. We really do appreciate you and are proud to be a small business in this big city.

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