Problem Solved

I love problem solvers.

I love that they notice the problem whether it’s an inefficiency, crunch-point, irritant, or unnecessary expense. They don’t accept status-quo and always look for ways to improve their environment whether at work, home or play.

They don’t just complain about it they do something about it.

I love solutions that involve using what you already have, recycling something that may typically be thrown away or maximizing each member of a team already assembled.

Problem solvers think outside of the box and get stuff done no matter how challenging.

We have a problem-solver challenge each week at Finders Keepers where the employee who comes up with a solution to a problem or challenge wins a $10 gift card. I’m always interested to read what employees notice and how they work to come up with solutions.

While sorting through a consignor drop off this week, I saw these hangers:

She had used drycleaner hangers and rubber bands to make non-slip hangers for her garments. Cheap, efficient and sustainable.

Drycleaner hangers out of the landfill, garments securely on a hanger, all in less time than it takes to order expensive hangers from Amazon and switch them over.

Problem solved.

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