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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I love problem-solvers. My granddaughter Annabelle is a problem solver. At 2 when she didn’t get her way, or someone told her “no”, she found a way to get what she wanted and not by pitching a fit. She just figured out how to make things happen. She never waits around for anyone to help her do anything, she just gets stuff done. That girl will go far, I’m sure.

Finders Keepers has a problem-solver in our ranks. Well, we have a few others but I want to talk about this particular team member. Our Processing Center Assistant to Cassandra has had to be out of town for reasons beyond her control. She could have just said she needed to take a leave of absence or quit for that matter because she knew she would be gone for about a month, or more. She didn’t. She found a way to do her work remotely, bought what she needed, tested it out and had a meeting with me to talk about all of it at one time. She told me her problem THEN she told me how she was going to solve and manage it.

Cassandra and her assistant work remotely to check in hundreds of items a day.

Whoa! That’s one smart, dedicated gal with a true “can-do!” attitude. She types for Cassandra remotely using a head set found and brought in for her use. Our problem-solver works remotely and helps Cassandra on everything she would if she were in the PC in person. It helps that our consignment software is “in the cloud” and can be accessed remotely.

All of our consignors have access to their accounts via the world-wide-web. They can look online at their items, what has sold, what hasn’t and if we owe them money at any location. They can see when checks are mailed and update personal information as needed. Finders Keepers made the software switch almost 4 years ago and though change is hard, we love the benefits of Simple Consign by Traxia and believe it is the best software for our industry.

They’ve just released and we will be testing this month the feature that will allow us to “pay across all locations” which means consignors will soon be able to collect all monies owed to them by Finders Keepers at any one location! They have been working on this feature for almost 2 years and now it has been released for us to test. Once we beta test it, we will launch it as another added benefit for our consignors. Monthly consignment checks will also all be combined so if a consignor has money on their account at more than one store, it will all be added together and sent in 1 check instead of 2 or 3. We are happy about this new feature and will keep everyone posted on the progress.

But back to my problem solving PC Assistant, she’s awesome! She’ll go far and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in her life! We miss her and will be glad to see her back in person soon!

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