The Joy of Fashion Sneakers

“You’ve been on a sneaker-buying binge, haven’t you?” my merchandise manager asked me as I lit on a pair of navy blue New Balance sneakers just checked in at our processing center. “A bunch” I answered “and I love them all, ring these up, please!”

It all started this past March with the purchase of a pair of pink New Balance sneakers. You see I buy running shoes regularly but they aren’t cute enough to wear anywhere else and technically you aren’t supposed to. The pink sneakers are comfortable to work in all day, a great accent to summer outfits and hide the fact that I really need a pedicure.

It seems I have fallen in love with fashion sneakers all over again. In college it was Tretorns, then hot pink high-top Reeboks during my aerobics days, basic Keds in the early 90’s and after that, I was over fashion sneakers. I had started running and all my funds went to running shoes.

Until now. I have quite a wardrobe of colors from white to pink to gray to black and now navy. They look great with cropped pants, shorts, jeans and even skirts and my feet rarely hurt now at the end of a 10-hour day on concrete floors.

You may want to do a little fashion sneaker binge buying of your own! This is a fashion trend your feet can appreciate.

P.S. J. Crew is selling Tretorns! I resisted them…for now!


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