The Pivot Plan

The FK leadership team has been tasked with Pivot Planning for the fall season. What types of merchandise do we want? What do we not want? What processes do we need to refine, improve, re-vamp? It’s all part of the strategic plan of our business and while it goes on continually, the change of the season is a great time to make some bigger changes, or pivots as I like to call them.

Our pivots involve a change of direction or emphasis in what we are doing or selling for our Fall season beginning Aug. 6. Each location is coming up with their own lists from what we need more of to what we need to stop handling on consignment. In the clothing locations it mostly has to do with brands and styles, age and condition. We also are passionate about ethical fashion and continue to research the violators to add to our list of brands we don’t accept.

We know shopping in store is a 360-degree experience and we continually look for ways to improve ours. One battle is too much on the racks making it hard to shop and we are working on that. At the furniture store, it’s too many tchotchkes so we are limiting those. Be sure to pick up the lists of what we are accepting and what we are not at each of our locations to help you when sorting what to bring in for consignment as we move into the new season. We are very grateful for all of our consignors (almost 12,000!) and want to make sure that what we accept is going to sell, making it profitable for everyone’s time and effort.

As part of our Fall Pivot, we have some new hires with great customer service experience that we are excited for you to meet and welcome to the FK Family.

Have you met Lee Ann, our volunteer at FK Furnishings? After being downsized from a long career in the finance industry, she came to us as a volunteer to determine is she was ready for a big life pivot of her own; would she leave corporate life and join a small business?

The good news is she plans to pivot toward us!

Other news is that Betsy, the long-time store manager of FK Furnishings has reached a pivot in her life where she wants to work part-time, travel and spend time with her grandkids.

So, you guessed it, Betsy will be stepping down into a part-time role and Lee Ann will be the next store manager of Finders Keepers Furnishings. The change of management will take place in November and we are very excited for Betsy and for Lee Ann and applaud their life pivots!

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