The Power of a Great Dress

by Bonnie Kallenberg

I remember shopping for school clothes each fall. It consisted of getting 5 dresses for school, a couple of Sunday dresses, a couple of play dresses, school shoes, dress shoes and play shoes. Shorts and t shirts were for summer and dresses were for everything else. It was the 60’s.

I know times have changed and jeans and yoga pants are the staples in most wardrobes but think about how awesome the women in the show Mad Men looked in their dresses. I know many people who watched the show just to study the clothing styles and Banana Republic built an entire Mad Men clothing line based on the Mad Men Series. My favorite was Peggy as she evolved from a naive typing pool girl into a successful professional ad woman. Her wardrobe evolved as well and she became a force to be reckoned with.

Dresses can be powerful, functional and fun so they’re good for your wardrobe. You need dresses for work, for play and for important events. If you shop for them regularly and buy when you find something you love at a price you love, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes up. We all know how stressful it is to look for a dress at the last minute and then end up paying too much for something that “will do”.

Finders Keepers’ semi-annual dress sale is Friday April 20 thru Sunday April 22 at our Fashions store and Boutique. The Fashions location has over 1700 dresses and Boutique has over 900! Many dresses are reduced to 50% off and those that aren’t will be 30% off during the 3 Day Sale. Wear something comfortable and try on as many as you like! Try on all kinds of dresses! Be daring! Be Bold! It’s a good time to work on your dress wardrobe with prices that will keep your budget in check.


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