The Secret to Wearing Heels All Day!

by Bonnie Kallenberg

8 to 10 hours a day on my feet, on concrete floors has made low heels and flats a mainstay of my shoe wardrobe. Most of my heels have long since been sent to one of the stores or donated to charity. I have a few pairs still around for special events but they stay in their plastic shoe box most of their lives, but that may be changing.

A good friend of mine came in Boutique this week and she was wearing the cutest pair of gold high heeled shoes paired with a short skirt. She looked terrific and it was the end of the day, so she’d been wearing those shoes for 8+ hours.

I told her how awesome she looked and she asked me if I knew the “secret to wearing high heels all day”?

Obviously not as I stared down at my cute little flats.

She was about to bring the shoes in to consign because they hurt her feet whenever she wore them and then a friend told her the secret to wearing high heels all day, and I’m going to share it with you:

Tape your third and fourth toes together on the days you wear high heels. She said she wore them all day with no pain, declaring this new-found remedy “a real game-changer!”

So, I tried it today, I taped my third and fourth toes together, one foot using scotch tape, the other with a band-aid (I ran out of scotch tape), put on heels and wore them for 10 hours today at Boutique. Guess what?? No pain, it worked.

Now that’s a game changer, let’s break out those high heels!


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