The Value of a Brick and Mortar Store

“I got it at Ms. Lisa’s store” she said to a friend as she twirled around in her new-to-her Hanna Andersson dress, one of many items from my shopping trip to Jack and Jill’s Consignment Store.

You see, my granddaughter is in town for 2 weeks to stay with me, take swim lessons, go to Vacation Bible School, take a little trip, and spend time with Nonnie and Pappy. It’s the highlight of our summer and we look forward to it and make big plans. She’s learned to swim and can repeat the Bible verse, sing the songs and do all the moves with the VBS video. We’re having a great time!

I’m so grateful for this time.

And I’m grateful for my staff at Finders Keepers so I can duck out for a couple of weeks and just be Nonnie. They give it their all and keep everything running smoothly in my absence. Not every store owner can say that but I can. I have an awesome team.

And I’m grateful for Jack and Jill’s. Before she comes, or before I fly out to see them, I make a stop in to see what they have and I always come away with a huge bag of clothing and books for a fraction of what any of it would cost online. I check the Hanna Andersson website when they send out “sale” emails and though I LOVE their clothing for kids, it’s still a bit pricey, in my opinion, for a girl that likes to play outside and get dirty. This visit I got several HA dresses, shorts and tops along with other items with exceptional labels that are made well and let little girls look like little girls. We got books for summer reading and a couple of toys for her to bring back to the siblings she left behind and they were new, in packages.

My granddaughter loves Ms. Lisa’s store because it’s a place where they know her name and chat with her when she arrives, she’s free to pick out what she wants because nothing is “too expensive”, and she gets a kiss from Luna, the store dog when she arrives. It’s a place great for kids and it belongs to Ms. Lisa, a small business owner who provides a store where we can recycle our kids’ stuff and get what we need, right in the neighborhood, right in a brick and mortar store where you know the owner and she knows you.

Please support all the “Ms. Lisa” stores in your neighborhood and please shop resale whenever you can!

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