The Value Of Time

My favorite yoga class starts at 6:00 a.m. Traffic is light at that hour and the instructor is always there ahead of us so the room is heated, the lights are on and we are greeted. There isn’t a lot of talking as we file in, look to see which way the leader has us oriented and gather the props he or she has placed in their spot as an indicator of what we’ll need for class. We know what to expect and we know what is expected of us. We know class will start and end on time so we can all get to work or home to kids and not be late.

Running a store is like that with a good leader who is always there to greet employees, give direction or orientation for the day and set out the “props” of what will be needed for the day’s work. And doing this every time, where expectations on both sides are met, makes for an efficiently running business. Everyone knows what they need to be doing at all times, have what they need to do it and are accountable.

I went to a different studio early one morning not too long ago. The instructor was not there early, the doors were locked and 6 of us stood outside shivering in the cold. She did show up about 5 minutes before class and rushed to unlock doors and turn on lights. We weren’t sure where to face, what props to gather or if it would start and end on time so there were a lot of unknowns. What I do know is that our class was not her priority that morning for whatever reason (and it wasn’t traffic).

Time is precious and I don’t like to see it wasted.

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